Reflex door Juul Spee

Reflex is a video installation about a virtual city park. Visitors are invited to observe the space and discover their influence. The park transforms into a character with its own will and behaviour. Getting to know the park, visitors will get to see things they wouldn't normally see. Activity in the installation - motion or sound - is reflected in the number of people appearing and disappearing in the park. Weather and daylight change from peace to chaos, according to the mood of the park. Reflex aims to convey a space other than the physical setting.

The panoramic view of the field is constructed by panning a camera 360° around its axis and ‘slit-scanning’ the video into an image as wide as necessary. Repeating this process results in captures of the same space at different times and conditions.

Reflex showcases

Utrecht School of the Arts       European Media Master of Arts
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